Whether you are building a new house or renovating it, the type of house window that you should install should be given due consideration. The style is one great factor, and the functionality, too. For many types of houses, there are a variety of windows styles to choose from.

One type of house windows that many homeowners grew up with is the single-hung window. It is the type where the bottom part moves up and down while the top part is fixed in its place. The two-lite single slider type is the window where one side slides horizontally. The double to-lite sliders have both sides of the window that slide. Another type of house window is the casement style, which you can operate by turning a crank to open both sides to the outside. A smaller type of window is the awning; this is hinged at the top and the bottom sash swings. There are many other types of house windows such as the hopper basement, bay windows and bow windows and each of them has their own features and functionality.

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