Animal Communicator Testimonials

for Sarah Messina of Wild Insights Australia

Read how Wild Insights animal communication and healing services have helped clients and their pets.


Animal communicator testimonial for cat

I have had Princess in my life for the most entertaining 13 years. My family and I have always joked that as she is an indoor cat, she does not mix with commoners. To my delight when I contacted Sarah, she confirmed our thoughts – Princess considers herself to be very proper indeed! Even though I had no real reason to contact Sarah, it was something I felt the urge to do and am so happy to have done so. Sarah may not know Princess directly but she certainly was able to capture her words and expressions so well it brought tears to my eyes.

After I received my communication, I certainly value and appreciate my dearest Princess so much more. Aside from this, I shared concerns about my little one getting old and knowing her wishes. Now that I am aware of wants, I will be respectful of her wishes when that time comes. As sad as I am that my Princess is getting old because she has fulfilled my life in so many ways, I feel so blessed to have had Sarah be able to communicate the words my little Princess was keen to share! Thank you so much share, and any of you considering this – should definitely have this done!

Delphine Rabanin, Ringwood

Animal communicator testimonial for Queensland horse

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for the recent reading you conducted with my warmblood gelding. After 3 years of being somewhat frightened by his strength and intelligence, I can now say that I feel more confident continuing my work with him knowing that he wants to form a special bond with me and to teach me special lessons necessary for me to learn in this lifetime. This means more to me than you could ever know!

Thanks again for your insights. Your work truly is the last frontier of effective horse training and will help the more intuitive and forward thinking horse people you provide readings for to reach levels with their equine friends they may not have known otherwise. And, most importantly, it will help to make our horses happier knowing they have a voice - finally!!

Kindest regards,
PJ Bradley, Ellangowan

Pam's feedback on her consult wih animal communicator Sarah Messina

Dear Sarah,

I always knew that I would find the passing of my beautiful boy Jazz extremely difficult and even I was not prepared for how devasting losing my boy was.  You gave me an inspriational insight and communication with Jazz, it was surreal talking to him like I always had in my head and hearing his voice.  It has helped me a great deal in that he gave a really honest account of where he is now and didn't sugar coat anything "I am just being true to it and not making it something happy and fluffy when its not" - the greatest words given were feel now and then heal - so many people think you should get over the passing of your pet quickly; but this is not true you have to sit in it.  Jazz through Sarah gave me wonderful wise words not fluffly happy dappy words which wouldn't have helped.

I wasn't terribly skeptical as I have always believed in the spirit of animals, but even if I was this communication helped me a great deal.  It was important to know that I did the right thing, at the right time to end Jazzes suffering and also for him to know how terribly important he was to me and how difficult life is without him; and he was able to tell me what I needed to hear. This reading hasn't helped me get over the passing of Jazz but it has helped me give myself the room and the ability to grieve for him. I cannot recommend highly enough a reading if your dear pet has passed on.

Thanks so much you have really helped me deal with this, you have an amazing gift and its very important!

Love and bet wishes
Pam, New Zealand

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Kim's feedback on her consult wih animal  communicator Sarah Messina

I initially consulted with Sarah when my younger (littler!) cat Pep had decided to take herself on yet another adventure over our back fence. I'd also noticed lately that she hadn't quite 'looked herself', and was no longer waking me up in the morning by jumping on the bed to say 'hi', and seemed really disinterested in any affection or indoor playtime that Ben or I had to offer. Talking with Sarah and encountering her calm and caring demeanour immediately slowed me down, and she was able to immediately pin point the feelings of frustration and a longing for freedom on Pep's part, and that this behaviour was the loudest way she could find to tell me that she was not content.

Talking with Sarah validated many of the feelings that I'd been having about how unhappy Pep was feeling, but was not confident enough in my own feelings to acknowledge. It was amazing to hear from Pep and to hear some of the suggestions offered, and has reminded me to respect the fact that cats are naturally curious, playful and intelligent creatures who shouldn't be taken for granted. I wonder how much of this has shown to me that I can't just leave them alone during the day with limited stimulation and expect them to be happy - we tend to nurture our human relationships and try to create spaces for our human loved ones to be happy, so why not for our pets?

Since the session, I look at the cats with so much more respect, and Pep has immediately perked up and appears infinitely brighter and more engaged than she has in a long time. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity for a session with Sarah, it has made me so much more aware of the love and care that I have for Snoop and Pep, and how much richer my life is with them in it. I'd highly recommend a consult with Sarah to others, whether they have a particular issue that needs to be addressed, or just to connect with their pets and get to know their pet (and themselves) better!

Kim Jackson, Westmeadows

Animal Communication for dog & cats

Wow! What an amazing experience! From the onset we found Sarah to be completely wonderful - we couldnt have asked for a more intune, professional and caring person to make contact with our animals! After asking a series of questions for Sarah to ask our beloved pets we were given a truly insightful and inspirational consultation! Since talking with Sarah and making the requested changes the attacks have stopped and the kitty litter is being used again! With the business side of things taken care of we were overjoyed to hear from all three of our beloved babies that they all felt loved and to continue to use our instincts when dealing with them as we were always spot on! The consultation was a truly amazing, powerful experience, and quite emotional as there is an overwhelming validation that these creatures that we love think and feel like we do- they are not just cute little things to cuddle, but are intelligent, mature beings who deserve the respect of taking the time to treat them as such! We cannot wait to use Sarah's services again in the future! We laughed, we cried and were beyond excited and moved at being given the validation that these most amazing creatures are so special, unique and talkative if you give them the chance! So, pet lovers- GIVE THEM THAT CHANCE! You will be truly touched by what they would love to share with you! WE feel beyond enriched with our experience with Wild Insights and want everyone to know it! Bless you soo much Sarah....youre gift in talking to our animals has given us a gift we will be forever grateful! We cant wait to talk to you again soon and in turn, talk to our babies!!

With Much Love and Sincere Thanks Sharna and Chelsea, along with Jesse, Jefferson and Winston xx

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Animal Communication for rescue dog trauma

I am so happy that I have a better understanding of Wednesday's state of mind when we welcomed her into her new home. I am thankful that I can truly say that I have done the right thing by adopting Wednesday and making sure that she is happy and addressing her wants and needs as she adjusts to us all and her new surroundings. I wish I had Sarah around all the time to communicate with all of my animals! She is truly special and a lovely person to work with. It is especially emotional to be able to listen to Wednesday and find out about her past and how I can make her time on this earth with us so much better. Thank you Sarah, I appreciate all that you have done for Wednesday and I and will be using your services again very soon. Wednesday is getting stronger and more comfortable each day.

Lauren Whitehead, Roxburgh Park

Animal communicator finds lost pet cat

My cat Missy had been missing for 4 days and I was terrified as she had never wandered before and was very much a homebody cat. I decided to contact Sarah on the chance she would be able to contact Missy and get her to come home. Well i was in for a big shock when Sarah rang me  and told me that Missy was perfectly fine she just wanted to check the world out and was planning on coming home that night. I was very relieved to hear this but even more relieved when that night right at dinner time she came home!

I'm so thankful for all of Sarah's help. Loosing a pet is a horrible and emotional experience and I was very lucky that Sarah was able to contact Missy and let me no that she was O.K and was on her way home.

Vicky Bevilacqua, Lalor

Animal Reiki Distant Healing For Pets

Dear Sarah,

Thank you very much for the communication with Coco, it gives me a good opportunity to better understand our dog. The reiki that you have done is very, very helpful. We saw a big change on the 1st session. Coco used to bark a lot, was scared of any kind of noises, full of anger and urinated every hour. All this gone at 50% from the first session. Now after 5 sessions, Coco can hold his pee for up to 8hrs, he barks less, and he is also less scared now. Lots of improvement. Thank you so much for changing our life from poor to very, very good.

Thanks again Sarah. God bless you.

Michela from Vancouver, Canada

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End of Life Pet Loss Communication

Sarah has been fantastic through this whole process. I lost my beautiful old Siamese cat recently, and her communications with Miso were incredibly helpful in such a difficult time. To be able to pass on my love and messages to my gorgeous girl before she passed away was so special and has given me great comfort since she has gone.

We also asked Sarah to talk to our other cat, who was an adopted stray, and she has been happier, more playful and interactive with us since then. Sarah understood their personalities perfectly and conveyed this so well it made me laugh, smile and cry. I am so grateful for a means to have a closer bond and understanding of my animal family.

Sophie D., Mornington Peninsula

Animal Communication for Horses

What a blast! Contacting our mare was so much fun and Sarah was a delight to talk to as well. My eldest daughter wanted to hear more about her much loved horse and the messages we received through Sarah were beautiful and comprehensive.

We enjoyed the call so much, we are planning to have another consult with Sarah to contact another of our horses. We found out our girl thinks she is very gorgeous, something we had suspected all along and now we make sure not to call her a pretty pony but instead a pretty MARE as she pointed out LOL. My daughter's relationship with her mare has deepened and her trust in her own instincts has grown after hearing what her horse wanted her to know about their special bond.

I highly recommend Sarah, she is warm, helpful and fun.

Karen D., Outer Brisbane QLD

Animal Communication for Pet Cat Loss

Dear Sarah,

Words will diminish what you have given to me and my dear Pussycat. I was sceptical. I was ready to discard anything you said that didn't sound like Pussycat. She has a unique voice and you relayed it perfectly. You validated what I thought to be true and allowed me and Pussycat to share an even deeper connection on this, her last morning. I was able to lie with her in the sun as she took her last breath and I thank you for helping me make her last day what she would have wanted. While I relay this news with deep, deep sadness, I am so very grateful to know that all those 'thoughts' I've had over the years are indeed a wonderful connection that very few people are every privileged to experience; I feel extremely blessed. Thank you. I know too that Pussycat was also grateful for our last conversations. She imparted much wisdom on her final morning and I will treasure those words forever.

Love and peace,
Mandy Vicsai, Sandringham

Animal Communication for Pet Dogs

I am extremely grateful you were able to communicate with Archie. I'm 22 years old and I work long days and hours and i often felt there was more to know about what my dog was thinking. My experience of animal communication was one that was very moving and emotional in a positive way. i felt that i could be a better "parent" knowing the things that were communicated to me. I believe i have been able to understand and talk to Archie a lot better after this experience. It opened my eyes to the world of animal communication. i am very happy with the consult and would encourage others to trust in it and GO FOR IT!!!!

Teresa McGannon, Mentone

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Animal Communicator Talks With Dogs

I’m the proud owner of a two year old Beagle X, Charlie. I’ve owned pets as a child but Charlie is the first pet I’ve owned as an adult – I’ve had him since he was 6 months old.

Animal communication to me bridges the gap between what you know is a gut feeling about something your pet does and confirmation of that feeling. For me, Animal Communication, is an complementary care program I can employ alongside the services provided by my Vet. I believe that pets, not unlike people around you, exhibit behaviours that are unique to them and I have always wondered why my pet does what he does and acts in a certain manner.

I initially consulted Sarah for Charlie’s date of birth as it wasn’t known. What I didn’t expect and was pleasantly surprised by was the extent of information that Charlie gave Sarah about his life prior to living with me, what he liked about living with me, what he thought of other dogs, what he wanted and the manner in which he told Sarah I would know it was defiantly him talking – Charlie did this by describing an object in the home that only he and I know exists, there is no way that Sarah could know about this object. It was reaffirming that the information that was being provided was from Charlie.

My experience is that it confirmed my ‘gut feeling’ about certain likes / dislikes and needs of my pet. It allows me to combine my trust in traditional care provided by Vets with complimentary care provided by services such as Sarah’s.

I have referred colleagues to Sarah who all hope to get a reading completed in the next year. When referring someone I relay the consultation results from my pets reading and it always triggers an interest. In addition, from a personal perspective and in comparison to like services, I found Sarah’s pricing to be very reasonable, probably one of the most reasonable I’ve seen – less than the cost of a 20kg bag of quality dog food !

At times it can be hard to trust services like Sarah’s. Unfortunately, there are too many shonky characters in the alternative therapies business claiming to have gifts they simply don’t have. People who are truly gifted don’t carry on or use flowery language to describe their special abilities, they simply state what they do and get on with the job. This I have found in Sarah. For those that are new to these types of services I would say, take up the offer to talk to some of us who have had readings done prior to booking. To others, you will know you have the real deal once you establish contact with Sarah.

Laura & Charlie, Melbourne CBD

Animal Communicator Talks To Multiple Animals

Hi Sarah,

I found the session very interesting. We were of course very suspicious/cautious about the whole idea- but then with the infomation that you gave me - yes I was very suprised to hear- but also it was very helpful!!

The information helped me by being more aware of how my 4 animals (2 cats and 2 dogs) feel and what I can do to make their lives better- simple, easy things that are attainable! We have started taking some of this information and using it with our animals- and there seems to be a significant difference- they are happy - but I think I am also happy because I can see the changes!

I would definetely tell anyone thinking about booking a session- to give it a go- be opened minded, be honest, and see what your loved animals have to say to you as their owner!!

Thank you Sarah, for communiating to them on my behalf!!

Alice Crawford, Torquay

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Marita talks about her consult with animal communicator Sarah Messina

Thanks again for all of your help with our animals! Since your readings it has helped us greatly to have a deeper understanding with them and they seem to be a lot calmer and happier. Romy (the cat) seems more relaxed than before and seems to adjust better with household changes now that i let her know in advance. Also, before we have visitors or major changes happening, i let her know first and she seems to accept them without much of a fuss whereas before, she would get all poohie and hide somewhere.

She also seems more comfortable and accepting with Betty (the dog) too which is lovely to watch : ) Also, with Betty, she seems a lot more relaxed too and seems to just go with the flow rather than get shy or scared and she is also less worried. I really got a lot out of the feedback as it helped to confirm some of the thoughts/answers that i was getting. It also helped me to develop a greater understanding and deeper connection with them as i know a lot more about them now.

Apart from that, thank you so much so your help, it has made all of our lives a lot richer : )

Marita K., North Melbourne

Joel shares his feedback on animal communication for dogs

I am a 26 year old personal trainer and nutrition consultant. I have had companion animals for most of my life. I wanted to get more of an idea of the dogs' feelings and whether I was meeting their needs. I also wanted to get an understanding of certain behavioural traits the dogs were displaying.

One of the dogs was always pulling on his leash and Sarah was able to explain that it was in his nature to be the leader. She was also able to tell me that the dogs requested certain treats that I hadn't given to them for a while but they still wanted. Sarah also said they wanted me to tell them when I was leaving and how long I would be away for, as sometimes with work I would be away for long periods of time each day. I have made certain changes with their sleeping arrangements and their beds outside so they have full view of the garden and can watch what's going on while they rest in the shed. I always now tell them how long I will be out of the house and they seem to have responded positively.

They both seem happier than ever. I would certainly recommend anyone with a companion to give it a go, it gives them a voice and the results are very satisfying for all.

Joel Kirkilis, A1 Sports Nutrition

Another happy client letter to animal communicator Sarah Messina

Everything you passed on to me today addresses questions I've had about the interconnectivity of things and where I am in all of it. Our vet told us years ago that animals pick their owners so I've always been mindful of that, but I never imagined that their connection could be so powerful. I didn't put too much thought into the session and expected that maybe it would all be simple yes/no answers and possibly a request to change a thing or two. I wasn't expecting what came. That said, I'm not overwhelmed so much as comforted, but aware that I need to treat everything with more respect than I have perhaps been. It's big though, and I needed to sit with it for a bit and let it wash over. I appreciate your doing that more than I can say. You have a powerful gift and I'm grateful to you for sharing it. Thank you.

Renée-Claire Veress, Sunbury

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Animal communication for dog barking

I’m 38 years old, part-time receptionist with 2 children, my daughter and my dog Nero. Nero has a very bad barking problem. We had been told by the vet that he had separation anxiety, and the collar he recommended (very pricey) would stop the barking. Thus it didn’t work, so I needed to get some feedback from Nero. The consult was amazing! I felt it confirmed everything I had thought or felt, but I was not sure if I was communicating it with Nero. I feel more connected to Nero. I understand him more, and I see that he is happy that I understand him.

I have already raved about the consult to everyone. Some a sceptical, and some think it’s a great idea. I totally recommend, especially the sceptic, to have the first consult, and wait to be absolutely surprised. Who would think you could communicate with your pet this way. They are our best friends and love us unconditionally, so I feel they deserve the chance to have there say.

Irene & Nero, Tullamarine

Animal Communication for Pet Dog

Sarah, I just want to thank you for giving me a greater insight and understanding of Mandy. I have always had a gut feeling that Mandy is no ordinary dog and you certainly gave me that confirmation I have been seeking for years.The reason why I was so interested in you reading Mandy was to have confirmation, as suggested by other members of my family including myself, that Mandy is a reincarnation of my grandmother Franca Comito. I was also curious to find out more about her ability to “see” ghost, as I have had several encounters with her and with other witnesses.

Since having the consultation, I have gone to extra efforts to ensure that Mandy has all the favorites that she communicated with you and I can assure you that our relationship has improved. Thanks to you I now know what she “really” enjoys doing and eating LOL! Mandy seems to be much more affectionate, when normally she’s been quite aloof. There is no doubt that my relationship with her has improved and I urge anybody who sincerely cares for their pet to give you a serious consideration.

Once again thanks for the opportunity to better understand Mandy

Paul G., Lalor

Animal Communicator Talks to Pet Cat

Sarah's feedback exceeded my expectations. It was a long and detailed session where she picked out some characteristics that are unique to our cat. Sarah knew that Ditto likes to be massaged up and down his sides as his preferred form of patting (with no prompting or hints from this side) so he gets much more of that these days (and loves it). She knew that he likes to be a predator (he even stalks us ... every day!). She said he said 'the milk stopped too soon'. When we first got him as a kitten I would give him the modified milk for pets, but then I stopped that and hadn't given him any since. She also said he likes bubbles. He really does. He likes the bubbles in the bath. He likes the beads of water dripping down the shower, and he likes the special novelty cat-nip flavoured bubbles someone gave us as a gift. The insights, particularly knowing what he said he liked and understanding why he does things, have been of distinct benefit. I highly recommend Sarah and Wild Insights.

Suze & Ditto, Melbourne VIC

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