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by animal communicator Sarah Messina

Pet anxiety, separation anxiety and phobias are common in pet dogs, cats and other domestic animals. With animal communication we can look at the underlying causes of pet anxiety. Our pets respond to any number of stimuli, and it can be hard to figure out which one produces their anxiety (and why). Some of the most common cases I see are:Animal communicator Sarah Messina talks about anxiety in dogs and other pets

  1. Phobias (of storms, loud noises, etc)
  2. Physical upsets (eg. car sickness)
  3. Household change (moving home, new member, companion pet loss)
  4. Picking up on their owner's feelings & thoughts

The last one is a tough one. Our pets react to our unspoken concerns, no matter how much we try to hide from them. As one dog put it:

"You people think that we can't feel when something is going on, but we know. I wish people would be more upfront. I hate it when they don't tell me what's going on."

So what can be done? The treatment will vary depending on the individual. Common anxiety remedies include energetic healing, improved guardian-companion communication, verbal reassurance and behavioural training. It's important to identify the source of the anxiety. Until we know this, it's hard to prescribe a course of action that will  be useful and relevant to your animal friend.

As with any pet problem, check with your vet first to rule out medical issues. Communicating with your pet provides the quickest path to understanding. Sometimes, pet anxiety is multi-layered and takes much work to resolve. Other times, the anxiety is nothing more than a misunderstanding, and clears immediately after a consult.

The animals I speak with are so relieved to have someone communicate with them properly - it gives them the chance to air their concerns. It also gives you the opportunity to identify which remedies and solutions are most likely to assist your pet. Animal communication lets us discover the most direct path to understanding and healing our pet's problems.

Sarah Messina is a professional animal communicator and healer for Wild Insights Australia.
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