Spirit Animals: Wombat Animal Totem

by Animal Communicator Sarah Messina

**In this series, we explore the meanings, messages and wisdom of Australian Spirit Animals. Here we focus on the Wombat Animal Totem.**


Wombat Animal Totem | Series by Animal  Communicator Sarah Messina

The Wombat animal totem offers several important lessons for 21st century humans. If you've fallen victim to long work hours, you need a dose of wombat wisdom. If you've become an over-comprimiser, sacrificing your boundaries and trivializing your own needs, you definitely need wombat wisdom.

Wombat is the embodiment of the phrase 'comfort in your own skin'. Some might see wombat as stubborn, immovable... and wombat medicine would say that in order to have our needs respected, these qualities are essential. The medicine of this animal totem offers us the insight to recognize when we are pushing aside our needs, and the courage to 'dig our heels in' when we are met with adversity.

We are living in a society that belittles the wisdom of this animal totem. Wombat  insists that recreation time is just as important (if not more important) than your responsibilities. It doesn't make a difference whether your commitments are aligned to work, family, studying, volunteering or something else. This animal totem is needed if you become unable to take regular time out for yourself, without guilt. When you struggle to say 'no' to others, when you give in to overtime, forget to eat,  you are failing to notice your own needs.

Sometimes we take a step further and consciously reject the needs of our bodies and souls as silly or unimportant. Wombat will not tolerate such madness. She will plant her plump self in the middle of your road, and she won't budge for all your busy-ness. If you don't heed the wisdom of this animal guide, you will surely be met with large, furry blocks along your path.

If wombat has already become present in your life, quit trying to barge through - you won't win this war. It's time to relax, spend some time  alone and tune in with your authentic self. Take a look at which of your needs aren't being met, and cut back on your 'duties'. Do as Wombat would do - learn to stop and eat the roses.

Ways to activate the wisdom of the wombat animal totem:

  • Schedule non-negotiable 'play time'
  • Bury your feet and shins in earth or sand
  • Say 'no' to requests to over-commit
  • Try Wild Rose or Centaury Bach flower essences

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