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...during fireworks & thunderCalming dogs and cats scared by fireworks & thunderstorms storms

Is your dog or cat scared by fireworks, thunder & gunshots? You're not alone. Many owners say their pets are scared of loud noises (aka pet noise phobia). It's a common problem that can cause severe stress, escaped strays and serious injury to fretful pets. The best way to manage scared pets is to be prepared and informed. Here are some simple tips to keep pets calm and fear-free during fireworks, thunder and other noisy episodes.

Preparing your pet for fireworks & thunder

  • Walk dogs during daylight hours.
  • Keep pets indoors when thunder & fireworks are expected.
  • Close all windows, curtains & doors.
  • Provide toys, treats and other distractions to keep pets occupied.
  • Try to stay home with your pet if fireworks or thunder are expected.
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped / appropriately tagged for easy identification if they become lost.
  • If you can communicate with your animals, then use animal communication to talk to your pet about what to expect.

How to keep scared dogs & cats calm

  • Put on music or tv to muffle sounds.
  • Don't fuss or punish your pet, you will only make the behaviour worse.
  • Act normal & ignore fearful behaviour (unless hazardous to your pet).
  • Provide a secure place (preferably indoors) where your pet can't escape if startled by loud noises.
  • Allow your pet to hide in a 'safe den' if they choose. This might be a blanket lined cupboard, pet igloo, etc.
  • If your pet runs to hide in a corner or under the bed, don't try to coax them out, just let them be where they feel safe.
  • Offer calming flower essences like Rock Rose, Mimulus or Pet Rescue Remedy.
  • Ensure that you are calm and stress-free so that your pet's fear doesn't mirror yours.

Remember, if you want your pet to stay calm, you need to stay calm too - that means no fretting, fussing or coddling! These simple tips can really soothe dogs and cats who are scared by thunder, fireworks or other loud noises. If your pet suffers from severe noise phobia, talk to your vet/animal behaviourist for further treatment suggestions.

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